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Enjoy your terrace, garden or pergola on cool but sunny days. 


Thanks to our mobile wind screens from PARACONSTRUCT® 

you are always and everywhere out of the wind.  


From January to December.


In the warmer period, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun, 

but out of the annoying wind.


In the colder period, you enjoy sitting outside under an outdoor heater under your pergola/canopy 

because the (cosy) warmth stays with you by adding our mobile wind screens.

Heeft u interesse? 

Windscherm voor terras
Windscherm op terras


Because PARACONSTRUCT® mobile wind screens are mobile and foldable, 

you can get out of the wind in any direction.




Do you have the luxury or the opportunity to enjoy several terraces or pergolas around your home? 

Then our mobile wind screens offer the ideal solution for you to sit wherever you wish to enjoy yourself.




PARACONSTRUCT® wind screens are quick and easy to open and store. 

and easy to store. (See videos on our website)


Once folded together, our wind screens take up little space thanks to a simple folding system.


Moving our mobile wind screens is very important. 


The wheels used are of absolute TOP QUALITY and are manufactured by TENTE, 

the most renowned manufacturer of wheels worldwide.


The wheels are made of rubber and not plastic. 


This means that no damage can be caused during use and movement. 


Each wheel has a load capacity of up to 200 kg and is supported by ball bearings. 


They are also equipped with a high-quality braking system.

Windscherm op terras donker
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Ons bedrijf staat voor u klaar en geeft u al de nodige informatie over de windschermen voor uw terras die verplaatsbaar zijn. We bieden alleen het beste aan voor uw mobiel windscherm op het terras. Dat ziet u in de kwaliteit van onze mobiele exclusieve glazen windschermen. Heeft u voor uw terras bij uw thuis of uw horecabedrijf een verplaatsbaar windscherm nodig? Vraag naar onze hulp! Vertel uw wensen en we sturen een offerte door. Neem contact met ons op via het nummer +32 (0) 472 74 43 58 of stuur een e-mail naar

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